Whether you consider wellness a way to relax your mind and body, to restore your inner balance, or to escape the daily routine, one thing is sure: Opatija has exactly what you are looking for. For Opatija welcomes you with a variety of unforgettable wellness experiences.

Opatija's microclimate is ideal for enjoyable relaxation away from the stress of urban life. It is no wonder that the history of health tourism in Opatija has had so many memorable moments. Down the years, many aristocrats and members of the nobility from across Europe, as well as numerous writers, composers, and other artists have chosen Opatija as their venue for holidays or wellness. For more than one hundred years, Opatija has often been ranked as the top destination for aristocrats to receive their medical treatments and generally convalesce.

Opatija's great history has laid a perfect foundation for what this town offers its visitors today. A total of twelve wellness & spa centres offering a wide range of superb services and facilities are located in Opatija within a few kilometres of each other.

The Hotel Ambasador boasts the modern, luxurious Five Elements Wellness & Spa.
The Grand Hotel Adriatic offers visitors a unique combination of exclusive rituals and superb culinary specialities.
In the hotels of the Milenij Hotel Group – Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta and Hotel Milenij – you can treat yourself to exclusive rituals and superb treatments.
The wellness facilities of the Hotel Miramar will transport you back to Opatija's Austro-Hungarian era with their combination of superb treatments, excellent service and unique ambience.
In the modern ambience of the Thalasso Wellness Centre you can enjoy superb massages and beauty treatments tailored to your needs, and make full use of the fitness, spa and relax zone.
Last but not least – numerous smaller properties provide ideal venues for perfect wellness moments. The Villa Kapetanović offers superb treatments in its quiet intimate spa centre Laurus. The Hotel Bristol offers a unique combination of relaxation for the mind and body, while the Hotel Mozart boasts some exclusive novelties, such as a unique Japanese bath.

We invite you to enjoy these treatments and facilities! Try them for yourself to see where you feel best, and to decide where you would like to return to, to recharge your batteries before starting a new working day.