Sports hall "Marino Cvetković"



Opatija21 d.o.o.
Stubište Lipovica, 51410 Opatija
Tel: +385 (51) 680 130
Fax: +385 (51) 680 131
The Marino Cvetković Sports Hall covers an area of 11,000 square metres and includes a large sports ground of 1,800 m2 that can be adapted depending on purpose with 1,217 seats, and a small sports ground of 200 m2.

The hall also includes additional amenities such as reception, locker rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, terrace for VIP events, medical office, wellness centre (saunas, massages) and outdoor public square.
In the basement is a parking garage with 137 parking spaces and 5 parking spaces for the disabled. Next to the hall there are 5 bus parking spaces.
The hall can host various sporting events (handball, basketball, volleyball, futsal, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, badminton, box, wrestling etc.) and a variety of cultural, business, exhibition and entertainment programmes (concerts, exhibitions, fairs, conventions, congresses, business meetings).

Other amenities:
- combat sports areas - 28 m2 video wall - press centre
- fitness - Aerobic - small scoreboard - caffé bar
- children’s playground - sports competition office