Location and arrival

Central position in the Alpe-Jadran region

To the organisers of business meetings, Opatija offers all the advantages of a major convention destination combined with the enticing charm of a more intimate holiday resort.

The area’s extensive experience and tradition in organising conventions, combined with modern quality accommodation, provide an excellent foundation for organising various meetings and events.

Today, more than 130 years after the first congress, Opatija hosts more than 500 congresses, seminars, various meetings and events each year. Many of these are traditional and of national importance, but each time Opatija also hosts an increasing number of internationally relevant congresses.

Available from all directions

One of the reasons for this is undoubtedly Opatija’s favourable central position in the Alpe-Jadran region, which includes the countries of Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Hungary). Thanks to the modern motorway network, Opatija can today be easily reached by car in only several hours’ drive from all major centres of the region.

According to existing road infrastructure, the E61 and E65 motorways Opatija are within 5 hours of driving by car from the most important towns of central and southeast Europe (Zagreb, Varaždin, Split, Osijek, Ljubljana, Venice, Milan, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Belgrade…)

Airports within 2 hours of driving

Opatija can also be reached by air via five international airports (Rijeka-island of Krk, Pula, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Trieste) that are all within two-hours’ drive.

By train, Opatija can be reached from the railway station in Rijeka (15 km away; for trains coming from the direction of Zagreb), and the railway station Opatija-Matulji (6 km; for trains coming from the direction of Ljubljana).

Most important arrival airport is Zagreb Airport due to numerous direct flights throughout the year enabling easy access to Croatia. From Zagreb Airport Opatija is reached by pleasent two-hour ride on modern motorway through picturesque Gorski Kotar. Our local airport Rijeka is still mostly seasonal airport, however every year new flights are introduced including winter months, too.

Temperate Mediterranean climate

The climate in Opatija is temperate Mediterranean characterised by mild winters and pleasant summers. Annual average hours of sunshine is 2,157 (767 from November to April), and the amount of precipitation is increased – 1,570 mm annually.
Average air temperature in summer is 21.9 °C/71.4 °F, and in winter 7 °C/44.6 °F. A distinctive feature of Opatija is the way it experiences no extremes of heat, either by day or by night, and snow in winter is a rarity.

MonthAverage temperature (°C)Average temperature (°F)Sunshine hours/dayAverage rainfall (mm)